Our Approach


APlus Footwear is a single product brand born of the merger of two minds:

the creative mind of a young Italian designer and the more technical and rational mind of a Turkish industrial engineer.

Creativity and engineering come together to create a modern and innovative design.

Previewed at the Capsule Show Paris in 2015, APlus immediately hit the market with a new product characterized by a contemporary vision of footwear by which APlus distances itself from the existing streetwear brands.

The new and timeless shape reflects the designer’s vision of footwear and takes form in multiple models, from a laced to a slip-on,

from a midtop to a high boot – all of them united by a clear stylistic imprint and a careful selection of materials from the most prestigious Italian companies.

Technical fabrics and the finest Italian leathers join together with the finest materials such as EVA for the soles, leathers manufactured with aluminum fiber, carbon fibers, synthetic textures, handcrafted leathers that evoke the corrosion of metals, technology and more generally the urban world with a clear inspiration from the post-industrial landscape.

Manufacturing trials and unusual combinations of materials build the philosophy and personality of the brand.

Our intention is to create a new shape, simple, comfortable, light and flexible but at the same time beautiful and sophisticated, able to embrace different fashion styles – a streetwear both timeless and avant garde.

Acclaimed by fashion experts as one of the most interesting and innovative brands in the market, Aplus Footwear after only two seasons is in more than 40 premium stores around the world, in countries such as Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Japan, Korea , China, Singapore, Macau, South Africa and Turkey.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you